Lichtbringer - E-Guitar

Picture by kleine Fotowelt
Picture by kleine Fotowelt

Guitar. His father played it, his sister and since the age of 7 he plays it too.



"If music frees you from sadness, anxiety and suffering - You have happy moments for a brief, but valuable time." 











- Marshall JVM410HJS Joe Satriani Signature Amp

- Sterling By Music Man John Petrucci Signature JP 60

- Ibanez S7420 bk

- Dunlop 105Q Crybaby Wah Pedal

- TC Elektronic Hall Of Fame

- TC Elektronic Dreamscape John Petrucci Signature

- TC Elektronic Shaker Vibrato

- Ibanez Delay

Pictures By Somnium Lucis Photographie (right)